Who ever thought that classification training could be fun, engaging AND effective?? We did and we’ve done it!

Come play games, win prizes, and actually learn something as we teach you our methods to classify HTS and ECCN confidently and with accuracy.

Our Masters Method HTS and ECCN Classification trainings have quickly become the most used classification method in the world! With more then 1,000 companies relying on Masters Method to give them accurate and defendable classifications, we teach duplicable methods that allow everyone to get on the same page, thinking the same way. We end both HTS and ECCN processes with our Defender Tool so you don’t only learn how to classify with confidence, but you also learn how to document and defend your classification with a legally sound approach.

Whether you are a veteran classifier or don’t yet know what an HTS or ECCN code is, you will leave our training with a new understanding and approach to classification.

We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming training!