Recorded on 10/03/2017


(FREE) “Free Trade Agreements” Webinar

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Learn an overview of our Masters Method 4-Step process to save money, reduce costs, and define your FTA Claims!

Recorded on 09/20/2017

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(FREE) C-TPAT Management Recorded Webinar

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1- Hour Webinar covering our top 5 strategies to simplify the management of your C-TPAT program

Recorded on 09/08/2017

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Origin and Marking Recorded Webinar

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We review how to determine origin and how to correctly mark and label your products

Recorded on 08/17/2017

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Classification of Parts Recorded Webinar

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Learn the famous Masters Method approach covering the HTS Classification of parts, components, and subassemblies.

Recorded on 07/20/2017


Reconciliation Webinar (Spanish version)

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Sabias que los costos que se reportan a Aduana Americana son solo costos estimados? El proceso de Reconciliación de Costos es la mejor opción para reportar los costos “actuales” de los productos importados a los Estados Unidos.

Recorded on 07/10/2017

Masters Method HTS Classification Flow

(FREE) HTS Classification Recorded Webinar

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This introductory 1-hour webinar is a great preview into our full 8-step HTS Classification Course.

Recorded on 10/28/2016

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Embrace ACE for Managers Recorded Webinar

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Empower yourself with the newest and most valuable free resource tool from U.S. Customs and Border Protection!

Recorded on 09/28/2016


Reconciliation Webinar

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Learn cost reconciliation for your manufacturing operations in Mexico.

Recorded on 08/16/2016

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The Amazing 98’s Webinar

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We’ll introduce to you the opporuntity of the 98’s and share our 4-step process to Spot, Qualify, Document and Claim your 98’s

Recorded on 06/23/2016

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(FREE) Auditing Mexico

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Need help with an external audit for your Mexican operations?

Recorded on 05/09/2016

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Classification of Apparel Part 3: “Other” Garments Recorded Webinar

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Learn to classify bottom and specialty garments!

Recorded on 04/20/2016

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Classification of Apparel Part 2: Outerwear Recorded Webinar

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Learn our proven strategy to simplify and accurately classify outerwear!

Recorded on 04/15/2016

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Huge Changes to 9801 Recorded Webinar

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Learn about the biggest 9801 changes ever, just approved by the President!

Recorded on 04/06/2016

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Classification of Apparel: Part 1- Tops and Upper Body Garments Recorded Webinar

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We will teach you our method to classify tops and upper body garments.

Recorded on 03/22/2016

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Pre- Entry Ace Recorded Webinar

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Do you know what you need to give your Broker to make sure he gets your shipments through US Customs?

Recorded on 03/08/2016

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C-TPAT Portal 2.0 Recorded Webinar

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With the launch of the C-TPAT Portal 2.0 Phase II, U.S. Customs recently released a brand new C-TPAT Portal Security Profile format for all C-TPAT Certified companies.

Recorded on 10/20/2015

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Valuation Recorded Webinar

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Juan and Steve share with you the 5 methods for valuation and 5 adjustments to value.